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If you missed any events, not to worry! Most our events will be, and have already been uploaded to our website and YouTube channel. These videos will be available until Jan 5th 2021 (Ian Shaw until Dec 21 2020).

Gina Southgate's original paintings and preprints are also available for purchase and more information can be found HERE. The slide shows of her paintings, including Gareth Millar's photography are presented here and features music from Rob Luft.

As a not-for-profit volunteer-run organisation, we must actively raise most of our funding to bring world class live jazz music to Cambridge, support emerging talent and deliver year-round educational programmes. Please continue to support us. Thank you.

Thank you for supporting the Festival this year and looking forward to 2021!

Gareth Millar CJF2020

Gareth Millar CJF2020

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